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Relax with a Facial in Greensburg, PA

Whether you need to relax or take care of your skin, the facials at Rambler Hair Design work to bring out the best in you. We have a variety of facials available for all of our clients in and around Greensburg, PA. Our talented team can help you choose the facial that is perfect for you and we can determine which of our add-ons might benefit you the most. No matter what your skin type, we can help you look and feel your best. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (724) 832-8292.

Facial Menu
All Facials are customized by our Dermalogica Certified and Expert Skin Therapists

  • Face Mapping (Skin analysis) Complimentary

    A professional, in-depth skin analysis based on your skin and lifestyle. Our skin therapist will show you how to achieve your healthiest skin and address any concerns.

  • Skin Bar Lesson: 10-15 minutes $15.00

    A certified therapist will guide you through the proper use of Dermalogica products to maintain your optimal and healthiest skin.

  • Face Fit: 10-15 minutes $25.00

    A quick and effective service featuring our innovative products for flawless skin in a hurry. Ideal for special events, seasonal skin maintenance or a quick pick me up.

  • Pro Skin 30: 30minutes (Face only) $50.00+

    Pro skin 30 is a personalized treatment, based on your Face Mapping, skin analysis. Let our therapists design this 30-minute treatment specifically for you and your skin concerns. It is our customized treatment on your time.

  • Pro Skin 60: 60-minutes (Face, Neck, and Décolleté) $70.00+

    The ultimate treatment, different every time. Customized, sensorial treatment featuring advanced products, and techniques. This extensive treatment takes you on a relaxing journey to your healthiest-looking skin.

  • Pro Power Peel 30: 30-minutes (Face only) $70.00/treatment

    Series of (3) $180.00 - Series of (6) $360.00
    This express 30-minute treatment features our highly active Pro Power Peel, tailored to your skin's needs. This powerful peel smooths skin while targeting signs of acne, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging for a complete customized experience.

  • Pro Power Peel 60: 60-minutes (Face, Neck, and Décolleté) $95.00/treatment

    Series of (3) $255.00 - Series of (6) $510.00
    Ultra-potent and completely customized: you've never had a peel like this before. This comprehensive 60-minute treatment pairs our most powerful peel with advanced techniques to thoroughly address your skin's ever-changing needs.

  • Pro Skin Teen: 45-60 minutes (face and neck) $60.00 or (Back) $75.00

    This personalized treatment is dedicated to help alleviate stubborn acne, relieve sensitivity, hydrates and repair the skin barrier.

  • Pro Skin 90: 90-mintues (Face, Neck, and Décolleté) $100.00+

    The Pro skin 90 treatment is tremendous and tailored to your skin concerns. Aromatherapy massage to send you to your happy place while using our advanced products, and techniques while receiving a hydrated hand mitt treatment.

  • The Signature: 1hour 45minutes (Face, Neck, and Décolleté) $125.00+

    The total package! This treatment is customized, a true sensorial experience which features our advanced products, and technologies. You will also receive a hydrating hand and foot treatment with massage for complete and total relaxation.

A la carte skin treatments:
*Our certified skin therapists will recommend the best treatment for your skin

  • Pro Power Peel eye treatment $15.00

    100% bamboo eye patches soak in natural AHA's to brighten the undereye, even skin tone, texture, minimizes signs of aging and hydrates. (Great for all skin types and can be added to any skin treatment)

  • Cooling contour masque $15.00

    Promotes deep treatment penetration into the skin with a cooling effect, hydrating and minimizes signs of aging. (Not for anyone who is claustrophobic)

  • Elastin Collogen Masque $15.00

    Replenishes and regenerates, boosts hydration and collagen. (Not for anyone who is claustrophobic)

  • Neck fit refining masque $15.00 (Neck and Décolleté)

    Lifts, firms, and sculpts the neckline, evens skin tone and hydrates

  • Hydrating hand treatment with hot mitts $10.00
  • Hydrating foot treatment with hot mitts $10.00

Waxing can be added to any skin treatment
*EXCEPT with any Pro Power Peel treatments 72hrs prior to or after treatment. * If using any type of retinol (Vitamin A) 48hrs prior to or after treatment. * Recent sun exposure/ sunburned skin

  • Eye arch $15.00
  • Lip wax $12.00
  • Chin Wax $12.00

*Prices are subject to change without notice.